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from Best Buy Greenhouses. We have a range of greenhouse staging and greenhouse shelving through to soil warming cables, to enable you to efficiently use your greenhouse for healthy plant growth, there has never been a better time to Grow Your Own.


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solar vent

Smart Solar Smart Vent 100

The Smart Vent 100 is a solar powered ventilation system which is ideal for greenhouses, boats and caravans. It helps to eliminate the build-up of heat and condensation in confined areas and maintain an odour free environment. This excellent system can conveniently fix to most surfaces including polycarbonate, glass wood and metal, it includes an on/off functionality to allow you control of ventilation and works silently so as not to cause irritation. The Smart vent needs to be fitted to receive sunlight directly and be in the on position to begin extracting.

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Greenhouse Guttering Rainwater Kit

We can't afford to waste a drop and where better to have a water butt than right by the greenhouse door with a ready, free water supply on hand to nurture thirsty young growth. It is purpose made to fit nearly all greenhouses and slots easily and neatly into the gutter end to channel rainwater into a water butt or other container. Grey in colour, with a 2.5cm diameter downpipe.
* Will fit nearly all greenhouses * Slots into the gutter end to channel rainwater into a water butt * Grey in colour, with a 2.5cm diameter

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greenhouse guttering kit
greenhouse thermometer


Durable silver plastic cased thermometer. Resistant to weather and environmental effects. The two red pointers record the maximum and minimum temperatures reached during a period. Clear easy to read face. Simple reset wheel. Requires no batteries. Ideal for use in the greenhouse, outbuilding or house. Approx. 140 x 80mm.
Excellent thermometer at a great price.

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Soil Warming Cables 220 20' (6.10m)

A soil warming cable is the ideal way to propagate seeds and cuttings on a greenhouse bench or in a cold frame. The soil in the greenhouse takes time to warm up naturally; with a soil warming cable you are able to plant earlier and raise better specimens. A simple frame can be constructed from wood to form the propagating area required, which is then lined with polythene. The cable is laid onto 5cm of sharp sand (horticultural) and covered with a further 5cm of sand.

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soil warming cables
potting table

Greenfingers Large Potting Table with Drawer

This Greenfingers Large Wooden Potting Table features a large drawer and a removable inset steel tray. It is ideal for all gardening enthusiasts! A great gardening accessory that makes a wonderful addition to any greenhouse or porch. It is certain to have you growing all sorts of plants and is the perfect place to keep your garden essentials. The worktop area is perfect for mixing plant food and getting plants ready for potting - especially with the removable, inset steel tray on the righthand side.

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Big Drippa Watering System

The Big Drippa, from Garland, is a simple, inexpensive but efficient drip watering system, designed for the greenhouse, but also useful in the conservatory or outdoors. Idea for growbags, containers or watering individual plants in greenhouse borders. Traditional watering while worthwhile can be wasteful. Very often, too much water is added and this simply overflows and is wasted. Slow drip watering is more efficient. The Big Drippa has a large capacity water bag holding 10.5 litres (more than 2 gallons) of water. Complete with 5 metre of black tubing, this system allows you to independently regulate the water flow to each plant via 6 adjustable drippers. The large capacity water bag of the Big Drippa will last for up to 24 hours, giving you the peace of mind that your plants are being well watered. Full instructions are included.

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big drippa system

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