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A range of electric greenhouse heaters from Best Buy greenhouses. We have Electric Greenhouse heaters at the best discounted prices. Before considering a greenhouse heater, don't forget to insulate your greenhouse to keep running costs down and get the best efficiency from your greenhouse heater

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Frost Guard Electric Greenhouse Heater 2KW

A modern 2KW heater which may be used in either a greenhouse or conservatory. The heater can be set to switch on when temperatures get below a specified value. Full thermostatic control provides the right environment for seeding and propagation.

Heat output: 2KW

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Electric Greenhouse Heater 2KW
Greenhouse / Conservatory Frost Watcher

Greenhouse / Conservatory Frost Watcher

Ideal for smaller rooms, conservatories, greenhouses, caravans and animal housing, this Frost Watcher demonstrates all the capabilities to keep away the cold, in a light and compact design. Wall mounted, the heater is manufactured with a power coated metal case and features a easy-to-use thermostat so you can directly regulate the temperature within a range of -3°C to 30°C and pilot light. Good value for money, this Frost Watcher can help keep a small room warm and could even be a real life saver when your central heating goes down in your home.

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The Bio Green Montana Electric Fan Greenhouse Heater features: Greenhouse electric fan heater 1.0Kw and 2.0Kw output. Fan Only Setting to keep air moving during mundane conditions. Electronically controlled with frost watch setting. Ideal frost protection for greenhouse and conservatory use. Fan heating for constant air circulation and reduced plant disease risk. Full thermostatic control between 5-40CAutomatically gives heat in the winter and cooling function during summer. Signal operation light. High quality German manufacture. Full two year guarantee. Approx. size D140mm W220mm H315mm.

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bio green heater
hotbox greenhouse heater


Hotbox greenhouse fan heater, designed to hang from the greenhouse structure. Hotbox Levant features:1.8Kw will Heat 60 sq. ft. , Frost protection 120 sq. ft. Stainless steel construction - ideal for use in greenhouse environments. Thermostatically controlled fan heater which cuts the heat supply but allows the fan to continue to circulate the air to help prevent airborne fungal disease. UK manufacture with One Year Guarantee. Fan only option or heater with fan. Fan only 69w. Dimensions: Length 250mm (10") , Diameter 220mm (8.5")

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Hylite 80W Greenhouse Tube Heater

For lean-tos and small greenhouses, the Hylite 2' Electric Greenhouse Heater. Protect plants from harsh weather conditions whilst reducing the build up of condensation in your greenhouse. Each heater produces a gentle warmth, offering protection from frost without damage to plants. Benefiting from extremely low running costs, this heater provides a more economical solution to fan heaters and a cleaner alternative to paraffin heaters, using less than 50W per foot. With IP55 rating, the heater will not be affected should it be sprinkled with water whilst tending to plants in the greenhouse. The heater also features an automatic heat sensitive cut out to maximise safety levels, floor mounting stand and is finished in a quality green enamel.

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greenhouse tube heater

 Your greenhouse kit or your greenhouse construction will have provided you with an insulated environment for your gardening and plants. With glass, fibreglass, or other light attracting materials for walls, it is easy to think that your plants will have enough warmth for growth in the winter months. However, you actually need greenhouse heaters in many cases.

Although greenhouses are designed to allow heat from the sun into the greenhouse, greenhouse heaters are a mandatory supply for many gardeners. During the winter months when your greenhouse is buffeted by cold winds the heat from the sun will not be sufficient to regulate the temperature of your greenhouse. In these cases, greenhouse heaters will be necessary.

 If your winters where you live tend to send the climate to freezing temperatures or colder, you will definitely need to install greenhouse heaters to protect your plants from the cold. This will enable your plants to thrive throughout the winter months.

Unless you live in an extremely cold climate, you will not need to have very powerful greenhouse heaters. The insulation of your greenhouse should be sufficient to hold heat within the walls of the greenhouse. This should allow you to run your greenhouse heaters for a minimum amount of time each day.

Running greenhouse heaters does not take that much energy or fuel. You will only need to run your greenhouse heaters if temperatures drop to freezing or below, in most cases. You will also only need to run your greenhouse heaters for a few hours each day. The insulation in your greenhouse construction should be sufficient to trap the heat and hold it within the walls to enable the heaters to be run less often.

There are many types of greenhouse heaters available. The type of greenhouse heaters that you need will depend on the size of your greenhouse, the climate you live in, and the type of fuel that you prefer. Electric heaters are typically the least expensive, but wood burning or oil burning greenhouse heaters will save you money in actually running the heaters.

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