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A range of gas greenhouse heaters from Best Buy greenhouses. We have Gas Greenhouse heaters at the best discounted prices. Before considering a greenhouse heater, don't forget to insulate your greenhouse to keep running costs down and get the best efficiency from your greenhouse heater

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Lifestyle Greenhouse Gas Heater 1.9kw

The Lifestyle Greenhouse Heater has 1.9kw of heat and is thermostatically controlled through gasm a hose and a regulator. The Lifestyle Greenhouse Heater is 390mm x 180mm x 460mm.
Thermostat Control
Piezo Ignition
Suitable for Greenhouse Up To 12' x 10'
Supplied with Hose and Propane Regulator

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Delivery typically 10 Days

lifestyle gas greenhouse heater
 catalytic cabinet heater

TMC Catalytic Cabinet Heater 3.4Kw

This catalytic cabinet heater is ideal for heating your greenhouse, conservatory or patio. The portable design is lightweight so can easily be moved to many areas. The heater uses 15kg butane cylinders. The heater comes complete with a hose and regulator.

Dimensions: Length: 47cm Width: 37cm Height: 81cm

Optional accessories:
TMC Catalytic Heater Guard

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Delivery typically 10 Days

Little Gem 300 Greenhouse Heater

The Little Gem 300 greenhouse heater is ideal for offering effective frost protection in small areas. For example cold frames, small greenhouses and curtained off areas of larger greenhouses. This heater should only be used with LPG (Propane).
Maximum power output of 0.3kW
Free standing heater
Adjustable heater output
Flame failure device
Carbon Dioxide sensor
Piezo ignition

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Delivery typically 10-15 Days

proheater greenhouse heater
bio green frost buster

Bio Green Frost Buster 300w Gas Heater

The Bio Green Frost Buster works with a small, thermally protected gas flame that produces both heat and carbon dioxide, both of which are need for healthy plant growth. The thermal protection makes for maximum safety in use and prevents any escape of unburnt gas. This heater is manually ignited, and then is switched off by turning the valve on the gas bottle off. It does not have a thermostatic control or adjustment of any kind, they are designed to provide a constant low level of heating to guard against frost in particular. Comes with 3 year manufacturer warranty. Frost protects greenhouses up to 6'x4'.

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Proheater 3KW Propane Greenhouse Heaters

Proheater features: Thermostatically controlled. Piezo ignition for easy lighting. Flame failure and CO2 sensor. CE approved - Full instructions included. Gas heaters should be installed by a competent person for your safety. No electricity required. 1 Year Warranty (Made in UK). Propane Regulator, 2 Clips and Gas Tubing required (available below as additional options). Floor standing Propane 1.5Kw, 3Kw and 6Kw Greenhouse Heaters: 1.5Kw will Heat 55 sq. Ft. Frost protection 110 sq. Ft. 3.0Kw will heat 120 sq. Ft. Frost protection 260 sq. Ft. 6Kw will heat greenhouse with an area of up to 350 sq. Ft.

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Delivery typically 5-7 Days


taylors garden buildings

 The style of greenhouse heater you choose to maintain a constant temperature in your greenhouse is dependant on your individual space and area. For example if you have lots of floor space but no wall space then you would want to choose a floor model greenhouse heater. There are many types and styles available and a careful examination of your greenhouse will help you to know which will operate at the highest efficiency.

Wall mounted heaters attach directly to a wall and therefore take up very little floor space. The thermostat can be located at the ideal location in most models. When centrally located these greenhouse heaters can distribute heat well with minimum usage. Wall mounted greenhouse heaters are also nice because they are stationary and it is easy to secure cords and avoid the risk of tripping.

Hanging greenhouse heaters can also be utilized for keeping the greenhouse at a constant temperature. They are also conservative of space because they hang down from the unused space above. The drawback to these heaters is that because warm air rises they can create a warm area up high but a cool area down lower at plant level. This problem can be easily remedied by the use of a ventilation fan and by placing the thermostat that controls them on the same level as the plants.

There are several styles of greenhouse heaters available, and one of them is right for your greenhouse. The key to choosing the correct one is evaluating your greenhouse and heating requirements carefully before heading out to shop.
At best buy greenhouses with have a range of heaters to suit all requirements and budgets. 

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