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Best Buy Greenhouses offer you great deals on metal greenhouses. An aluminium greenhouse is a must for every keen gardener, save pounds online and purchase one from Best Buy Greenhouses

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With the availability of ready-made aluminium greenhouse kits, anyone with the proper tools and materials can erect a greenhouse and begin growing fresh produce right away.

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8 x 6 Gardman Polycarbonate Greenhouse With FREE Next Day Delivery

The 8’ x 6’ Gardman Polycarbonate is a great greenhouse; perfect for growing a large range of plants and vegetables. This large greenhouse provides plenty of space of space for growing and is very durable. This greenhouse has a strong aluminium frame which has been specially treated to be durable and resistant to rust and corrosion. This greenhouse comes with a sliding door which is easy to use and also helps save space.This greenhouse is glazed with polycarbonate glazing which is a great alternative to glass. Polycarbonate is a plastic compound used in greenhouses because it is safe, strong and beneficial to plants. Polycarbonate is seen as much safer than glass because it is 100% shatterproof. This makes it ideal for gardens used by pets and children. Polycarbonate also protects plants from harmful UV rays and burning in hot summer rays

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Green Steel Greenhouse - 6 x 4ft

This 6 x 4ft greenhouse has a galvanised steel frame to ensure it is heavy-duty and durable. Complete with UV stabilised safety glazing. Your plants are kept insulated during the winter with twin walled roof panels and it doubles up to provide shade in the summer.
Galvanised steel frame and comes with UV stabilised safety glazing.
Translucent twin walled roof panels to aid insulation during winter and provide shade during summer.
Translucent twin walled wall panels.
H198, W178, D122cm/W6ft D4ft.

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halls popular greenhouse
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Halls Popular Greenhouse - 8 x 6ft

The Halls Popular Greenhouse is the smallest of the Halls Greenhouse range and will complement any garden. The popular is a must for keen gardeners looking for a good quality classic greenhouse. It is available with 3 glazing options and also comes with a roof vent, integral gutters and has a smooth action sliding door. This 6′ wide greenhouse is available in four different lengths to suit your requirements. Choose from a number of size options, or upgrade to powder coating. Our Halls Greenhouse prices listed include a greenhouse base which adds structural benefit and makes installation simpler!

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Eazi Click 6 x 6 Greenhouse with base

Brand new for 2014 is the fantastic new Eazi Click greenhouse range. Eazi click is a revolutionary new technique which is proven to reduce installation time by up to 60%. These buildings are very easy to erect and come with simple to follow instructions and a tool kit to aid installation. The eazi click range of greenhouses are very easy to maintain and clean thanks to their disassemble feature and rubber seals throughout which help to prevent algae build up as well as preventing draughts and water leakage. The Eazi Click 6x6 polycarbonate aluminium greenhouse comes with a roof vent, smooth rolling double doors and a galvanised base for stability.

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eazi click greenhouse
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greenfingers greenhouse
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Greenfingers Green-Framed Aluminium Greenhouse - 6' x 6'

Make sure your plants and seedlings grow to their best while being protected against the British climate with this Aluminium Greenhouse. Carefully balancing style with practically, the aluminium frame of this greenhouse is coated in a polymer based UV protected electrostatic powder spray finish, giving long life to your greenhouse. The panels are made from polycarbonate glazing, which is light, strong and virtually unbreakable, making it safe for pets or young children to be around. Polycarbonate also maintains a more even temperature than glass while the twin-wall construction provides good insulation from frost. This makes it ideal for overwintering and early starts. These features are sure to benefit your plants and seedlings, making growing and tending to your plants all the more satisfying for you – enjoy.

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Gardman Aluminium Lean-to Greenhouse 4'x6'

This fabulous green house is constructed of quality aluminium and coated in green enamel coating, which does not tarnish or fade this also helps to give the greenhouse a nice look. The glazing is made of twin-wall polycarbonate, which is light, strong and safe and virtually unbreakable and easy to handle. The twin wall construction makes for an excellent growing environment as well as providing good insulation from frost. It also helps to maintain a more even temperature for better plant growth, diffuses light to prevent from scorching and is uv treated for longer life. Unlike many vendors, we include the galvanised steel base in the price. The galvanised base, which is also green coated matches the greenhouse frame.

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 Greenhouses - Wood Versus Aluminium

There are many spectacular types of greenhouses to choose from but it is important to choose one that will provide your plants with everything they need in order to thrive. Many choose to select a style that will make their garden look good, but it is also important to think about the quality of the greenhouse.

When choosing a greenhouse, you may wish to think about whether you would like an aluminium design or a wood design. Both have their own advantages, so it is a good idea to be aware of what each type of greenhouse has to offer before making your choice.

Aluminium greenhouses are a popular choice, but have been known to corrode quickly in the past. Over the years, aluminium designs have been improved and now last much longer than the original designs. Aluminium greenhouses also provide strength. The fact that aluminium can be easily moulded into different shapes makes it a cheaper option than wood.

Although aluminium may be more advantageous than wood due to the fact that it is less expensive, wood designs still have a little more to offer. Wooden greenhouses tend to be much more attractive and there are certain types of wood designs than last much longer than an aluminium design.

The most popular type of wood and perhaps the best choice is the Western Red cedar design. This type of design offers plenty of strength and lasts much longer than other designs. The only disadvantage is that this type of wood is not suitable for longer length greenhouses, but otherwise it offers plenty of features and even repels insects. The wood also ages beautifully and provides a wonderful aroma for the garden. Baltic Redwood is also an attractive wood design and like the Western Red cedar, lasts much longer than other designs.

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