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Due to the the insulating effects, polycarbonate greenhouses are far more efficient at maintaining the internal temperature. This provides a better environment in which your plants can grow. Another factor that accounts for the popularity of polycarbonate is way in which this material diffuses sunlight. This means you will not have to provide as much shade for your garden plants when compared to traditional glass greenhouses. Depending on what you want your greenhouse for, you should consider the associated heating, lighting and ventilation requirements. For many, the requirements of their greenhouse is driven as much by their pocketbook as it is by any other requirements. The initial outlay is easy to see but hidden costs such as heating, lighting and cooling requirements are often overlooked. By chosing the right greenhouse in the first place you can often cut down on such costs - remember - glass and metal are conductors and are therefore harder to heat during the winter months which can prove costly if you are prone to long, cold periods. A lean-to greenhouse attached to the side of a building can, with a little bit of forethought, make use of that building's heating and lighting sources potentially saving money on both initial set-up and running costs.

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