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Gardening in raised beds makes life in the garden much simpler and effective, you can easily convert a weed covered piece of wasteland into an attractive, productive, fruit or vegetable plot with a combination of raised garden beds from Best Buy Greenhouses.

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raised garden bed
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Deluxe Raised Bed Kits 1800mm x 900mm

Our superb new range of Deluxe Raised Garden Beds allows you to grow your own flowers, herb garden, salads and vegetables from the comfort of your own garden or patio. These space saving, quality pine cladded timber raised beds are easier to maintain than pots, produce more productivity per square foot and allow the plants room for their roots to space out and grow efficiently.

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1800mm x 900mm x 150mm Raised Garden Bed £42.95
1800mm x 900mm x 300mm Raised Garden Bed £55.95
1800mm x 900mm x 450mm Raised Garden Bed £119.95
1800mm x 900mm x 600mm Raised Garden Bed £81.95

Garland Raised Bed

Each kit consists of four 1 metre panels and corner pins. Raised beds drain well, warm earlier and are ideal for gardeners with otherwise poor soil or limited space. Less able bodied gardeners will also find this product well suited to their needs. Simple Assembly Our raised beds assemble in minutes and take up just one square metre of space. Easy Harvesting No need for digging. Just pullout the corner pins and the crop tumbles out. The raised bed panels flat pack for tidy storage. Bigger Crops In tests, it is possible to raise up to 24kg (53Ibs) of potatoes from just one raised bed. That's better than conventional 'hilling' with just a fraction of the work. Earlier Crops As the soil in our raised beds warms quicker - thanks in part to the heat absorbing black panels - plants develop quicker and crops are ready earlier. Dimensions L 97.5cm W 97.5cm D 25cm

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raised vegetable bed
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rowlinson raised beds
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Rowlinson Raised Bed 3'11 x 3'11

his multi purpose planter from Rowlinson is designed for use as a raised bed planter or alternatively as a sandpit. Create a focal point in garden when used as a raised bed and fill with shrubs, flowers and plants. The raised nature makes this planter ideal for those keen gardeners with any mobility issues, reducing the need to bend down to tend to the garden. Manufactured using timber from FSC assured forests, this planter is pressure treated and comes with a natural timber finish.
Dimensions: Height: 24cm (10") Width: 120cm (3'11) Depth: 120cm (3'11)

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Rowlinson Timber Blocks 0.9M (Pack Of 2)

Growing at home is easy as Rowlinson Garden Products have all the solutions to your everyday gardening needs. To create your own organic garden bursting with delicious produce, get planting using Rowlinson's planters, raised beds and composters. You too could be harvesting your own crop of organic fruit and vegetables ripe for the pot.


Height: 100mm
Width: 200mm
Length: 900mm

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interlocking raised beds
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square foot garden
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Square Foot Garden - Narrow - by Eden Project

The square foot garden, narrow size - 3 x 2 are divided planting beds each a square foot! It is ideal for a narrow location and those wishing to dabble in growing vegetables without digging up the garden first. Encourage your children to grow their own food, this square foot garden is the perfect size for salads, strawberries and the deeper planting beds are ideal for potatoes and carrots. These great products are created almost entirely from recycled plastic, including waste food containers and old computers. They are tough and won’t rot or be affected by frost. They even come in a range of bright, fun colours. Properties Dimensions: 97cm(w) x 35cm(h) x 97cm(d)

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Botanico Barrel Potato Planter

Enjoy your very own home-grown potatoes with this easy to assemble potato planter. Ideal for growing potatoes on a patio or balcony. Manufactured from polypropylene/ABS material, this potato barrel is easy to assemble and requires just 5 seed potatoes and 90 litres of compost. Follow the instructions on the box and when it is time for harvesting simply open the doors to dig them out. The base has drainage holes so do not place where water staining/damage might occur and remember to place it in its permanent position before adding the compost! Now you can enjoy a bumper crop of delicious new potatoes for many years to come.

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potato barrel
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premium raied bed
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Premium Raised Veggie Bed

The Timber Premium Raised Veggie Bed is highly suitable for growing a range of vegetables and flowers. It comes with ideal height so you need not bend or kneel while attending your plants on it. Made from machined half round timber and square sawn timber, it comes with full instructions and fittings for easy assembly.
Size (in ft): 3 x 2
Width (in m): 0.91
Depth (in m): 0.73
Height (in m): 1.83

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As a gardener, if your interest is to set up a raised bed vegetable garden then you are certainly on the right page. You will find all the information about the benefits and set up of a raised bed garden right here.

Raised bed vegetable gardens enjoy the following benefits and it does not matter if your garden bed is raised just a few inches or a couple of feet.

Access to your garden becomes a whole lot easier when you use the raised bed technique. Gardening requires long hours of hard work on bended knees and one way to avoid the strain is to use raised beds. Senior people can really enjoy their gardening activities and the luxury of not having to bend for ages to do their gardening.
You can choose the best quality of soil available for your garden and mix in the right amount of fertilizers to provide your plants with healthy nutrient rich soil. You can add the compost and other organic matter to enrich it before filling the planters. Further, there is no soil compaction which means a fluffier, non compacted, healthy soil for your plants.
Soil drainage is also very good with raised beds.
Raised bed gardens make for better visibility – you will find it a lot easier to spot that pest! With enhanced visibility, taking good care of your garden becomes a lot easier.
Raised beds are a good way to prevent weeds from attacking as there is limited space for them to spread out. Weed control is a breeze when you use raised garden beds.
The planning of a raised bed vegetable garden is certainly not very different from planning a regular vegetable garden that you would have planted directly into the soil in your garden. First identify the location of your garden, plants will need at least 5 hours of direct sunlight and make sure there is good soil drainage in the location you choose.

Try to keep your garden as far as possible from the trees because roots can do damage to your garden and also shade your plants, preventing them from getting direct sunlight. Raised garden beds are usually about a foot higher than the surrounding soil level or you can use planters that will take them as high off the ground as you want them. Planter stands are available in the garden nursery stores. What you need to ensure when using planters is that the soil is at least 2 feet deep for your garden to take root properly.

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